Monday, September 28, 2015

Emotional day

It's been a very emotional day. Had to go for a tubal test and an unexpected mother of an ultrasound to ensure my uterus was ok. My mom came with me. I call jay after its done and he asks right away how things went. I give him the cliff notes. I tell him I am going to wildfire with my mom and his voice changes. I get home he says he's going for a walk. I start talking about everything and he tells me to basically hurry up because I'm giving him all the details and so u want him to relive it. We are walking and I ha e Reese. Reese has a shorter leash. Get lectured to walk slower and give him time to sniff. Jay gets huffy. He asks want me to take Reese. I just give him Reese. Not with a fight. I start walking a bit faster. I get yelled at for walking fast. I seriously feel I can't do anything right. I am emotional. Went through a lot today. I dont need drama. Today is one of those days that I ask if it's worth it. 

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